Conanicut Island Raptor Project

Photo by Chris Powell
2021 - New Osprey Nest Platform on Beavertail

The Conanicut Island Raptor Project, founded in 2005, is dedicated to the preservation, study and enjoyment of Jamestown's birds of prey. It is CIRP's belief that an informed community that values its wildlife will act responsibly to protect wild animals and the habitat on which they depend for survival. 



Welcome to our 19th year!! 

Thanks to the generous help and support from the Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority a brand new nest camera, solar panel, batteries, transmitter and receiver were installed in 2021!

Our osprey pair should be returning soon.

We are LIVE streaming from our Marsh Meadows nest!!  Our osprey male returned to the nest on Saturday, March 18th!! 

Please keep watching & ENJOY!



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