Conanicut Island Raptor Project

Photo by Deb Seeger-Pini
The Conanicut Island Raptor Project, founded in 2005, is dedicated to the preservation, study and enjoyment of Jamestown's birds of prey. It is CIRP's belief that an informed community that values its wildlife will act responsibly to protect wild animals and the habitat on which they depend for survival. 

Welcome to our 10th Year!

Our Creek Nest Cam is live!  Enjoy!!

2015 Statistics

April 1st - Male osprey returned to the nest

April 24th - first egg observed in the nest  

May 3 - two eggs observed in the nest

May 5 - three eggs observed 

June 2-3 - One chick has hatched!! 

June 4 - All three eggs have hatched! 

June 18 - Our three chicks look healthy and are growing fast.

July 30 - Looks like our young are taking flight lessons and leaving the nest  for short forays.  While the parents will leave for their migration south in the coming month, the young should remain at the nest til into September.

Early September - The adults began their migration south, leaving the young to fend for themselves.  

Fourth Week in September - The last juvenile left the nest site for it's first migration south. 


Osprey News!!

We have 8 active nests on Conanicut Island this year.  This is the highest number since 1956 when there were 13 active nests.  After this nest numbers declined to zero due to the impacts of the pesticide DDT.

We lost one of our osprey!  On June 8th I received a call about an injured osprey on the north end of the Island.  The bird's right wing was broken due to a collision with something.  The bird, a male, was taken to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.  Due to the severity of the injury the bird had to be euthanized.  So far we haven't been able to determine if this male was from one of our active nests. 

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