School Connections

When the Marsh Meadows pole and platform were replaced the old nest came down as well. Much of the lower layers of the nest had decomposed and what remained was natural building materials from last year's nest and a lot of man made refuse that the Osprey had picked up over the years. The natural items were left near the new pole for the returning Osprey to use for this year's nest and the refuse was collected and given to Mr. Capaldi and Mrs. Kraus' 4th Grade class for examination. These are photos of what the students found.

"I was very suprised when Mr. Capaldi poured a bunch of trash instead of a nest on the floor. I then realized that Jamestown is really polluted and that when an Osprey leaves it's nest, it could really be hurt. The Osprey could be suffocated, cut, and even worse." Isabel

"If Osprey's nests are made out of this it means Jamestown is polluted because Osprey's won't go in a store and get a plastic bag for their nest, they find it on the ground." Nina

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